Walking in Yosemite National Park, Experiencing California Wildfire

The photo you see above, is not relate to a sunset of a summer evening, or a photo taken by NASA from Mars! it is Yosemite national park with effect of smoke and ashes of a wildfire nearby. 

I went to Yosemite National Park beginning of September 2020 for third time, and was so exited to be there again. unlike August 2018 (my second visit there), we had to make reservation to get entrance ticked from a month in advance (because of COVID-19, and in order to reduce number of people visiting). Weather was so hot, which made it harder to go through trails. on the last day, we decided to go visit Vernal falls, which I really liked previous time.

 As we arrived and parked, we could see sky is not as clear as yesterday, and I was thinking it is just some cloud which can be helpful to reduce temperature. stepping out of the car, I could smell smoke and see that sky is turning orange. 

Having masks on along with smoke in the air, makes it harder to walk through trail. I arrived by the Vernal falls after around an hour. the amount of water was much lower compared to 2 years ago, but it gave the chance to walk down near the waterfall. 

the scene by the bottom of waterfall is very absurd. It is cool near water, but every once on a while I could feel a hot wind blowing. Water is beautiful and as you look up to sky, it is orange and frightening. We spent around an hour there and then I felt might not be a good idea to spend long time here. It might be safe if it gets darker (which it was due to smoke), and we had no idea if fire was close or not. It turns out, the wildfire was near a section of Sequoia trees, which is south of Yosemite. 

Check out photos below to see how Yosemite was look like during the wildfire.

 Yosemite National Park during wildfire with orange sky

the view when I got out of the car


Yosemite National Park during wildfire with orange sky

On the way to visit Vernal Falls


Yosemite National Park during wildfire with orange sky

it just gets darker as we go through the day 


Yosemite National Park Vernal Falls

Arriving at the bottom of Vernal Falls


Yosemite National Park during wildfire with orange sky

and this is how it looks like when I was look up at the waterfall!


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