Road trip to Utah, Visiting Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon

It is December 2020, right before starting lock down in California due to raising COVID-19 cases. I decided to get some days off of work (from home!) and travel to Utah to visit Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. I researched a bit about the area, and photos I found in Google Maps were't very spectacular. I couldn't see anything amazing worth visiting. I'm happy I ignored those photos!

 Zion national park

A view from Riverside walk trail 


Zion National Park

I got 3 nights in a hotel in Hurricane city nearby. Early in the morning I drove to Zion National Park and decided to start by Riverside Walk, which is an easy trail. right at the beginning I was shocked and excited about the whole environment. walking through tall rocky walls and mountains, in a cold weather and quiet nature (I wish I could go a bit sooner to experience a full autumn season).

My next stop was Emerald Pool trails. it starts by a casual type of trail with not so hard up and down. but all of a sudden, I arrived by a huge open area, water falling from above which made a beautiful scene. it worth to continue this trail to middle and upper pools. 

emerald pools trail

Emerald Pools Trail


 After that, I drove through Carmel Tunnel, and stopped by Checkerboard Mesa hill. you can check part of Zion National Park trails in the map below (this is a screenshot of one of my Instagram stories about Utah):

Zion national park map


Bryce Canyon

 It took more than 2 hour to drive to Bryce Canyon from Hurricane city, and I can say it totally worth the drive! First half an hour after arriving, I was just looking around, amazed by what I see! 

Bryce Canyon overview

Since I had limited time to spend there, I decided to only go for Queen's Garden trail, which is 2.5 miles. Obviously it tool longer than usual to finish it, because every corner had a great and unique view to just stop by and enjoy looking at (also, some trails were closed at that time). 

I finished uploading photos of this road trip on website, so if you are interested in having a print and support me, you can just order them here.

Also, make sure to check my Instagram account and Utah Stories Collection highlighted on my profile to see more pictures of this trip. 

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