Cup Of Trip Store - The Story!

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The idea of Cup Of Trip started right before I came to United States, in 2015. I was getting ready for a big change and it was an important trip for me. So I was looking to find a way to share my previous travel experiences along with the new one. 

Why this name? I love traveling and any new place that I go, I try to get a cup from there as a reminder of that place. 

At the beginning started it as a blog on Wordpress platform in 2 languages (English & Farsi), posted some articles and then suddenly stopped! To be honest, blogging needs time and commitment and in a certain stage, my mind was getting busy and occupied with some other things. I could not focus on some aspects of things that I always wanted to do (Cup of Trip blog and some other ideas), and slowed down with blogging, until it totally stopped. I was still keep traveling and visiting new places as much as I could, but having all these projects and ideas remaining in my mind was bugging me in a not so good way.

Then lock down happened. Everyone's at home and now I have plenty of time to work on other things. I feel slowed down and by taking some other daily thing off of my mind, I could see some new opportunity. I was looking for ideas on how to have an independent sort of business that could still work even when such thing happens. 

Talking with a dear friend, and the suggestion of starting an online store for my travel photos came up. I have time and passion, so why not! I wanted to get it to run fast, so instead of dig into Wordpress again, I decided to go with Shopify, which is enough for start. 

I voted photos (mostly the ones I have edited before and ready to go), and ordered some print samples. Eventually I found a good place to do the prints for me. They are both good in quality and service. 

For the beginning, I uploaded 50 photos, including black and white and color photos. This gallery going to expand each month with new photos. I am planning to navigate through all my photos and find the best to be printed. I will also try to write the story of each photo, along with the place of the location on the map. 

I hope you enjoy Cup of Trip. I would be glad to know what you think and appreciate any suggestions and concerns. There is always room to improve!



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