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Road trip to Utah, Visiting Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon

It is December 2020, right before starting lock down in California due to raising COVID-19 cases. I decided to get some days off of work (from home!) and travel to Utah to visit Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. I researched a bit about the area, and photos I found in Google Maps were't very spectacular. I couldn't see anything amazing worth visiting. I'm happy I ignored those photos!

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Tips to have in mind before starting a road trip

  Having few days off is the best time to hit the road and start a road trip to visit those places nearby on our bucket list. But before get in the can and start the engine, i is better to have these tips in mind.   Be realistic! Everybody has a list of places to visit and wants to check them all. But it is better to be realistic. Part of our trip is spending time to arrive at the destination. So if we say four days time-flow, we need to consider that part of these four days will be spend on the road. So it`s better to set the goals of our trip according to this fact and...

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What happens after you place a photo print order in Cup of Trip

I tried my best to keep things as simple as possible here at Cup Of Trip. By selecting a photo and size of it, you can dd it to your cart, and during check out, you have the option to bypass various steps if you have Apple Pay. Make sure you are using correct email address, so we can update you with order process. After placing order, it transfers to our printing partner. They print it and after checking the quality of it, pack it up and ship it to you (This process might take some time to finish). You will get a tracking number in your email.  you will get a tube which contains your photo. open it up...

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